Welcome to Gladiator School

Self-Defense for the Arena and TODAY

Gladiator school is a modern recreation of the training a gladiator (or gladiatrix ie: a female gladiator) of ancient Rome might have received.

Gladiators faced every challenge: spears, swords, daggers, shields, mounted soldiers and even wild animals. A gladiator had to forge an iron will, and clear their mind of distractions. Under the expert guidance of your Doctore, you will learn to fight using your whole body, focusing on the simple, naturalistic motions of historic weapons as your guide.

Benefits for Life

• Speed
• Balance
• Coordination
• Strength
• Flexibility
• Dexterity
• Sharper mental Focus
• Improved self-discipline
• Faster reaction time
• Self-confidence
• Improved problem solving
• Community and a sense of belonging

Easy-to-Learn, yet Challenging for Advanced Gladiators

Its self-defense training you can find nowhere else. Our modern gladiators are constantly improving their athleticism and skill. They learn to see the world differently, as they train against armed and unarmed attackers and use their strength against them.

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