We all need to know how to defend ourselves from any danger.

In the past week, the class has talked about the CDC’s stance on guns. Due to the recent school shootings that has happened this month, the class was given a lecture on how to protect yourself when you encounter an armed individual on school campus. Tuesday’s lecture started with Mr. Hoffman’s experience in fighting and how to use different techniques to defend yourself without killing a person, but enough to penetrate them. Mr. Hoffman’s lecture was very interesting and helpful. I knew some of the techniques he was using because my father taught me when I was a child how to defend myself. However, it was a really good refresher. There were some techniques I did not even know how to do. I did not know how to handle someone with a rifle, so that was very cool to learn. Also, I did not realize how many students did not know to defend themselves when it comes to an armed individuals. As a public health student, I feel we should all know how to act when it comes to an armed individual entering school premises, especially now with all the school shootings. We all need to know how to defend ourselves from any danger. On Tuesday’s lecture, I was teaching other students more than participating in the exercises. It was shocking to see how students who live in the Los Angeles County area did not learn how to defend themselves. Due to the recent shootings, I would like to learn more about how individuals can defend themselves when there is a group of people vs yourself or is there anything in a woman’s purse that she could use if she does not carry a gun or knife.

Avery Dial, Student, Cal State Los Angeles

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