Suit Up

teesStudents attending an introduction are welcome to wear any appropriate workout attire. Suggested garments include: T-shirts, tanks, shorts or sweats and sweatshirts.

Shoes are worn during training. Lightweight flexible soles without sharp corners or heels protect your partner from unintended injury tanksduring training. There are many on the market today including boxing/wrestling shoes, ultra-light running shoes and cloth soled kung-fu slippers. In a pinch a pair of chucks will do just fine.

  • Daytime lessons, remember sunscreen and plenty of fresh water.
  • Early evening or night lessons, remember to layer appropriately for the season.


Committed students should wear gladiator school t shirts, tanks, shorts or sweats during training. Its a great way to support the program —and just think of the fun conversations you’ll have in line at the grocery store!

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