Personal Training

I’m David Riggs, Certified 4th Degree Black Belt in American Arnis. I have an important message for you: there isn’t time to wait anymore to master real, effective and realistic martial arts.

Plenty of people secretly want to learn to kick and punch like Bruce Lee, work the ring like Gracie and slash their way onto the battle field like Conan the barbarian, but sometimes life gets in the way. If you struggle to find regular classes, don’t feel comfortable in a room filled with sweating students, I have the solution for you: Personal Training.

Personal training is an opportunity for you to train 1 on 1 with a highly skilled instructor who is there to create a program tailored specifically to your needs. I will gladly customize your personal training program – so you can attain your goals – even if you’ve been stopped before by personal disabilities, age, gender, weight, and height to achieve your personal goals.

Advantages of Personal Training:

  • Choose the schedule that works for you (early mornings, lunch breaks during college or work, evenings or weekends)
  • Learn effective self-defense
  • Learn at your own pace with 1 on 1 sessions
  • Adaptable workout levels to fit your condition
  • Boost self-esteem, and self confidence
  • Become a higher-level competitor or fighter
  • Release stress
  • Be more effective with others
  • Shed weight naturally just exercising as you learn

Who benefits from Personal training?

  • Successful business people and executives concerned for their safety
  • Busy Moms and Dads who deserve “me time”
  • People who have difficulty learning in groups
  • Kids and teenagers being bullied at school
  • Students concerned with safety at college or after moving away from family
  • People with PTSD, ADD or ADHD, extreme shyness, aggression, etc.


You choose where to train.

Training can be done in your home, gym, office, park or at the Gladiator School grounds*. Your instructor will bring training aids including kicking shields, targets, yoga mats, sticks and other training weapons appropriate to your training goals.

Call David at 213 260 0278 for a free training consultation.


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