Fun and informational

Tuesday’s class was very fun and informational. I learned that it very beneficial to be able to have some gun self defense background. Learning how to protect yourself and others from harm and potentially a gun has become something very crucial to learn in today’s world. I was very surprised to learn that martial arts can be very helpful to fight back when needed. I was very intrigued to learn more about Filipino martial arts, since it was the type of martial arts that was talked about during the session. I was also very surprised of all of the different moves you can do with your body to defend yourself from a shooter. I learned with different harmful weapons you are suppose to move your body differently. All of the moves that were taught to us showed us how to correctly and safely protect our bodies while fighting back. I also learned that if you choose to confront a shooter or a suspect you cannot be afraid. If you are fighting back, you need to fight back strong and smart to not only protect yourself but others around you. Being able to go outside of class and practicing the moves with the different fake wooden guns was really fun. I was able to try all of the different moves and I quickly learned that it was not as easy as it seemed. I would like to learn more on how to proper use my body to protect myself. I would also like to learn more about martial arts and its benefits.

Astrid Chupina, Student Cal State Los Angeles

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