Enjoy a Workplace Break

Unlike a simple yoga program, the AA Workplace Break program is a wonderful way to involve employees of all kinds: men, women, young or old in a healthy activity that they may not have time for in their normal schedule. It provides the calm, stress relieving meditative aspects of yoga, health supportive Chi Kung and a practical self-defense workshop delivered to your office. This program gives participants the chance to:

  • De-stress and unwind
  • Improve focus
  • Build confidence and self-determinism
  • Increase sense of security and safety
  • Build better work relationships
  • Improve strength and flexibility

With recent events, the need for self-defense training has never been more apparent. Guns and knives are a given in today’s world, but that doesn’t mean you have to feel powerless. The AA Workplace Break teaches practical self defense for these situations and many more.

Discover the benefits for your company 

  • Classes can be delivered to your office once or twice a week
  • Exercises can be physical, restorative or a combination of both
  • 30-60 minutes and a small open space is all you need

What Clients Are Saying


David Riggs is a 4th degree black belt in American Arnis, whose mission is to bring accessible, effective self defense and mindfulness programs to the workplace.

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