Corporate Retreats

March 6, 2018


Corporate Retreats

Team retreats are a growing trend in business. There are so many advantages to team retreats that even smaller companies are thinking about how they could take the office out of the office -for a weekend or even day. Though not a magic bullet for failing company,  when used correctly investing in team building might accomplish a great deal.

So what are the benefits of a corporate retreat?

Build Up Your Team

Its hard to build a team atmosphere in the office. Nowadays everything is geared toward the individual. But as a business owner, teams make sense. They work together. Participants mutual familiarity smooths interactions in the workplace. And if your goal is to attract and retain workers, the simplest way to do that is to make people feel like they are part of a family.

When team building activities are fun they can do a lot for the company. They can make people believe that they’re all in it together. And thats a huge benefit when an office falls on hart times.

Improve Company Morale

Lessons from a Stress Ball

Workplaces can be really tense. Competition, deadlines, deadline changes, lack of assets, inadequate staffing and long days can leave your staff a bundle of jagged nerves. Add to that your annual peak season’s increased demands and you Mr. CEO may have a serious problem. Increased tension can split a team apart, forging grudges and encouraging departmental tribalism. Sexual harassment, hostile work environments and unsafe working conditions could soon follow. So when you see your staff becoming stressed and irritable, it may be time to schedule a retreat.

Workers today struggle more for a work/life balance than ever before. Simply because you’re paying them doesn’t mean they’re going to give it their all. As far as they’re concerned, a salary is simply a means to an end. They do it because they have to, and that mindset is not a good for business.

Give your people a chance to decompress, learn, pump up their endorphins and forge better relations with their coworkers. Endorphins – the result of exertion and excitement help bond participants to each other, form closer team ties and build loyalty to your company.

Less stress means more productive workers.

Companies with high morale outperform their counterparts by 20%. The best way raise morale has proven to be the corporate retreat. You are showing that the business cares about the well-being of its employees. It’s a treat – a reward. It’s a perk that makes people proud of their corporate culture.

Just be sure that you do not ask the employees to pay for it!

A Time to Reflect

The only method that all and every person is going to improve at what they do is through reflection. The best CEOs always take time out to get off work and think. They may take a seat on a luxury cruise ship or try to escape to a cottage in the woods, but you may also do it included in a group retreat.

A time for you to reflect enables everyone to check back at what they have done in the past few months. They’ve the opportunity to consider how they could improve and what their flaws are.

Not only is this crucial for self-development it’s needed for the continuing progress of the company.

Learn Transferable Skills

Business owners often focus on task specific work.  Does a service rep need to pull product from the warehouse? Does an accountant really need to paint? But that’s short sighted. Don’t forget that the most valuable skills we learned as children were transferable skills that help each team member excel within your company to achieve your goals.

  • Focus
  • Communicating clearly
  • Self-confidence
  • Self-determination
  • Respect for rules and order
  • Self-reliance
  • Empathy and the ability to form new friendships,

Nurture Leaders

Leadership comes in many forms. There are appointed leaders (senior staff) and there are opinion leaders. Opinion leaders within groups form a central point in work forces. Have you ever asked people in a department to do something, only to see all eyes turn toward the real power in the room? Its usually an experienced worker who despite not having manager attached to their title wields a lot of power. Everyone is looking to see whether he or she thumbs up the request or not. If this person is aligned with the business’ goals its fine, but if not a stream of obstacles may arise.

Retreats give you an opportunity to see who is connected with who. They also give you the opportunity to enroll them in playing a bigger game at work through greater participation.

Fulfill a Need or Want

Everyone wants something. In the workplace we focus on salary, maybe a better office or some other perk. But employees of large corporations like Google go as far as having their laundry done for them , child care on campus and meal delivery at their desk all at the expense of the company. The trade off of this kind of work relationship is that in exchange, people spend more time working more effectively.

Not every company has Google’s deep pockets, but you would be surprised at what people really want. To be in the sun for the day… to make and fly paper airplanes when they hit a goal… there are a million motivators. So your retreat should fill a want, not just give you an excuse to talk business uninterrupted.

Reveal Hidden Talents

If you’re doing the same things each day, the chances are people are not going to realize their true talents. Coworkers often fail to realize how extraordinary each individual is because nobody ever gets the opportunity to reveal who they truly are.

Team retreats allow participants to indulge in tasks that just don’t happen in the standard office environment. For the first time, you may see that Jill from accounting is really proficient at rock climbing. But so how exactly does this translate to any actual value for the business?

To place it really, you learn to know a person. You are able to better identify with them. You may even bond over the fact that you’ have the same interests as them.It might reveal determination, a knack for negotiation or something else of value at work.  A hard skill can reveal a number of other soft skills, so it’s always useful to reveal and know more about your team.


American Arnis retreats are intended to build teams. Participants gain an understanding of themselves and their coworkers while learning aspects of self defense, athleticism, history and meditation. Special courses can include our “Black Belt Business Strategy” workshops or simply focus on enjoying, de-stressing and learning exercises the participants can take with them and apply to their daily lives.

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