Can be used in an everyday situation

Tuesday’s self-defense session was not only helpful tips in a situation of a mass shooting at a school, but can be used in an everyday situation. As a young woman, I am prone to be assaulted and although pepper spray is a great tool to have to protect myself, it is not always there when needed. What was surprising to me in the lesson was how you can defend yourself when a gun is pointed at you. Usually, the first instinct in those cases is to run and avoid the gun, but learning how you can move the gun into a different direction and attacking the gunman with your body was an interesting idea. Although it may not be the first thing I would do, due to my lack of practice of this type of self-defense, it is still handy to know. I still find it crazy that the mass shootings occurring in the US today are causing us to practice these self-defense mechanisms, but in long run, this lesson will be beneficial. With practice, I know I can perfect this defense mechanism and when the time is needed, I will be able to protect myself. Overall, I hope the government can help prevent these mass shootings from continuing to occur. We need to prevent the fear of getting shot in everyday places and protect the futures of our children. It is outrageous that the government has failed us and our protection is falling into our own hands. Things need to change.

Charlene Mendoza, Student Cal State Los Angeles

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