Campus Gun Defense Training

David Riggs
American Arnis Gladiator School
Los Angeles – (213) 260-0278

Campus Gun Defense Training


Los Angeles, California –Gladiator.School presented a Gun Defense Training, to select students at California State University on February 20th 2018, with lecture, instruction and hands-on exercises overseen by Los Angeles based martial arts instructor, David Riggs.

Despite the seriousness of the topic, the program was led in a light and friendly manner intended to demystify and empower people with little or no experience to make better choices if ever faced with a real-life threat.

“My goal is to shake off fear –To Empower college and high school students in the face of national concerns over gun safety.”
David Riggs, Master instructor American Arnis

The program was clear and easy to understand with student participation throughout. Hands-on exercises allowed each participant to evade, immobilize and/or disarm the weapon and counter with simple direct force until help became available.

This campus gun defense training was to educate students on:

1. The danger of guns and how they operate
2. Complications of defense (fear, noise, injury, enclosed spaces, effective distance)
3. How to control or disarm an armed attacker -if running or hiding is not an option

If you would like to sponsor a similar event at your school, campus or workplace, please contact Mr. Riggs at (213) 260-0278.

David Riggs is a master instructor of American Arnis, a mixed martial art derived from the Filipino arts of self-defense (aka Arnis, Kali, Eskrima). To find out more please visit online or



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