Hands on training was excellent!!!

The self defense class that was presented last week was very interesting and informative in how to defend oneself against an active shooter or just to defend myself period. I had never taken a self defense course and was never taught how to physically defend myself professionally in case there is an active shooter present. I learned a few interesting moves in how I can defend and protect myself against an individual person whom has a gun.

The first that I learned was how a gun is used held, and where the bullets are inserted within the gun. There are many types of guns and each gun looks different but generally does the same thing and shoots out bullets. I learned a fast hand technique where you can quickly block oncoming attacks and counter with my own defensive strikes. It will be difficult and nerve wrecking to be face to face with a armed active shooter but I learned that a person can use their right hand (or left hand) and get a hold of the gun and bend the person hand the opposite direction to hurt his/her hand at the same time using my elbow to hit him/her along with my knee. It was an interesting class and wish we had more time to learn in more depth in self defense or I can take a class in the near future.

However, I was surprised and impressed with the overall experience when I saw my professor in action with the fast hand technique. Also, appreciated how informative and experience the self defense professional was in explaining self defense techniques to the class; outside interaction and hands on training was excellent!!!

Angela Melendez, Cal State Los Angeles

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