American Arnis Uniforms

Red, the color of valour, has always been a signature color of Arnis systems.

American Arnis Black Belts

Wear a full gi of red. Most often with shortened (or rolled up) sleeves.

American Arnis Ranks

(White belt through advanced brown) wear a gi with red pants (valor) and a white jacket representing purity. Additionally, American Arnis Black Belts wear a red trimmed black belt (not pictured) to honor the masters of Arnis’ past.

American Arnis Affiliate Students and Teachers

Wear the red and white gi through all training in order acknowledge black belt ranks from other styles.  When they are ranked through examination in all three facets of training -hand to hand, grappling and weapons they become fully ranked black belts in American Arnis and may wear the full red uniform.

Club/School Branding

Clubs, Schools and academies have independent chapter identities. These often reflect the teacher, location or special purpose (demonstration teams etc.) The left breast above the heart is reserved for this kind of brand display.

Left Sleeve Ensignia

Is reserved for teaching certifications, referee certifications and national membership organizations.

Right Sleeve Ensignia

Is reseved for specialy training, workshops and events.

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