Advanced Practice Weapons

March 8, 2018

10% of each sale from the following links goes to Gladiator School!

Unisex Nose Crook Cane

  • Stepped/Scorched Rattan
  • Affordable Gift!
  • Item #HAR-9003900
  • Weight Limit 250 lbs.
  • Crook Shaped Handle
  • Wood Cane
  • 36″ in Length
  • Lightweight

Bolo/Bowie Espada Daga Filipino Training Swords 

  • Great feel in the hand
  • Crafted from Plastic
  • Sword – just over 23 3/4″ overall
  • Knife – 14 1/4″
  • Tactical Swords Training Daggers

  • Practice Butterfly Knife 

    • UNSHARPENED BLADE FOR TRAINING WITHOUT ANY RISKS! – Maybe you want to buy a real butterfly knife, but if you don’t know how to play it well, you may easily cut yourself. Our Balisong trainer has the feel and action of a real butterfly knife but the blade is dull to prevent cuts! The butterfly knife trainer will help you learn how to flip without getting injured! It is 100% safety for you!
    • ADVANCED BUTTERFLY KNIFE WITH SPRING LATCH! – The spring loaded latch makes easy work of one-handed opening, cooler! You simply squeeze the training Balisong handles, the latch flips off, and you are ready to flip! The tension in the spring typically keeps the latch pointing down that won’t be flipping around with the handles and getting in your way.
    • ALL STAINLESS STEEL & SOLID PIN CONSTRUCTION! – Unlike the normal balisong trainer, both the blade and handles of our practice butterfly knife are made from durable stainless steel. The butterfly knife features solid pin construction so you won’t have to worry about screws coming loose.
    • PERFECT BALANCE & PRE-OILED ALREADY FOR BEST TRAINING EXPERIENCE – We calculate a perfect weight balance of the butterfly knife trainer, 4.9oz, 4″ 1/2 blade and a perfect center of mass to make sure you can flip it smoothly. In addition, for the best flipping, we pre-oiled the practice Balisong before shipping for long-lasting. So, you can enjoy endless hours of flipping fun by the smooth flipping action!

Cold Steel 92R49Z Rubber Training, Karambit, Clam Package

  • Rubber training karambit
  • Overall length 9 1/8 inch
  • Carefully Fashioned to look as realistic as possible

Tiger Claw – Training Rubber Gun

  • Solid rubber gun,
  • Simulated 45 style pistol and heavy for practicing gun disarms.
  • Made in brilliant red or yellow color.
  • 7.5″L x 5″W, approx. 1 lb.

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