Very informative

Yesterday’s self-defense class was very informative. I have never taken a self-defense class and I honestly always thought if I was stuck in a active shooter situation my instinct would be to lie down and pretend I’m dead, as if the assailant was a bear or something. Now I feel a bit more prepared but also inspired to sign up for a self-defense class. I think what I learned from the session was to be confident in my ability to defend myself. Getting to practice with others made me feel powerful in regards to my survival. Knowing how to react is essential, because as mentioned, muscle memory comes hugely into play when you are trying to defend yourself. I definitely wanted to take this session seriously, because I know it’s hard to not joke around when we are practicing. But this is our reality, a shooting happened last week and they are becoming a norm everywhere. What surprised me was the little facts that were added to the session, an example is the angles that you should make sure to not be in when a shooter is pointing a gun. I never thought of it in that way, if I know these degrees than I have a higher chance of survival. I would like to learn a little about the action that I, as an individual, can take in order to stop these mass shootings from happening.

The article that was assigned also surprised me because of how the CDC director is also hesitant and afraid to ever mention the word “guns,” when it is killing so many people. I like that people are calling him out on it, but I don’t think that he plans on speaking on this issue anytime soon. The NRA is somehow embedded in everything, and they are basically untouchable. I think it takes Public Health professionals to take action and make this a human and health issue.


Cynthia Perez, Student, Cal State Los Angeles

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