Tabak-Toyok: The Art of the Filipino Nunchaku

The most popular martial arts weapons of the century.

Made famous by Bruce Lee.

The nunchaku has become the hands down favorite martial arts weapon of the last century. Its dizzying spins, hand-changes and powerful whipping strikes make this a fun, challenging  and impressive weapon for martial artists of all levels.

This workshop is not just another intro to the Nunchaku. Its the key to mastering this weapon. 

What will be covered?

  • Weapon control
    • Twirling
    • Rebounding
    • Wrapping
  • Striking Dynamics
    • Cracking the Whip (the nunchaku thrust)
    • Follow through and recovery
  • 4 range application
    • Close quarters.
    • Long range
    • Inside Fighting
    • Locks and takedowns
  • Practical Application
    • Bag Work
    • Sparring
    • Self-Defense

So much information, you may not be able to take it all in. Great for students who have never worked with the nunchaku before and advanced students who want to lift their skills to the next level.

Workshop includes:

  • 5 hours of group instruction
  • 2 pair padded nunchaku,
  • Workbook, and
  • Certificate of completion.


  • Uniform or workout attire
  • Protective cup
  • Hand gear

(Head gear and elbow protection and will be provided – but bring your own if you have them.)

Early Enrollment Bonus session: Double nunchaku for combat and forms.

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