For Young and Old

American Arnis adapts to communities with special needs by working with each student’s strengths.

Elderly people concerned with balance can learn to use canes for self defense as well as improving their health through low-impact exercise.

Youths also benefit as they gain confidence and coordination working together in simple patti cake-like exercises which evolve into effective self-defense moves as their skills and responsibility levels increase.

American Arnis is an ideal system to be taught in the YMCA, YWCA, Boys and Girls Clubs, Elderly, Religious and other organizations with special population needs.


Martial arts are an effective way to develop balance, coordination, speed and strength, while building self-confidence and discipline in an encouraging, non-intimidating environment.

Arnis has been taught as a part of the Philippines’ Physical Education system since 1969. It provides cardiovascular exercise for the whole body while teaching the movements of self-defense in a low-impact exercise. Its fun to do with partners. Students learn through repetitive games similar to patti cake and then move on to apply those same motions with sticks.

Stances and more traditional exercises (similar to karate forms) develop self discipline and confidence through self-regulation while ranking and grading provide a structural hierarchy that is beneficial for social development.

Specialized programs can be developed for special needs including age and disability.


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