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YOU’VE PUT IT OFF LONG ENOUGH: Now its time to kick some ass!

Whether you intend to shed a few pounds beating a heavy bag, want to take on Kareem Abdul Jubar like Bruce Lee, or find yourself through meditation, quality instruction in the martial arts is the way to take on all three goals at once. But after going through a couple dozen old issues of Black Belt Magazine, your stumped. Muay Thai, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Brazilian Jui-Jitsu, Krav Maga, Ninjitsu (Wait a minute, I could actually become a ninja?) Tae Kwon Do, MMA, FMA, Silat, Judo, Escrima; Karate..? The lists seem endless!

A style is a collection of techniques (like boxing or wrestling) and often include aspects of foreign cultures (Karate is from Japanese cultural traditions as opposed to Kung Fu which is of Chinese Origin). Without a strong foundation in the martial arts its hard to choose between them. A boxer is often unaware of how devastating kicks can be and a wrestler might not know how to handle an armed attacker. Each style can be excellent training, but if the attack isn’t in a stylist’s specialty, is he or she really prepared?

American Arnis: A Living Tradition

Stemming from the Filipino martial art of Arnis (aka kali or escrima), American Arnis combines the rigorous foundation of traditional martial arts training (Karate, Kung Fu) with the strategic and adaptive nature of weapon originated arts (Kali, Aikido, Silat). In the age of mixed martial arts (MMA) with a heavy focus on sport competition, American Arnis focuses on self-defense, mind-body unification and helping students develop their own personal “flow” to adapt to different ranges, styles of fighting -and even weapons- with an instinctual grace not typically found within the limits of a single style.


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