It is important for us to learn these survival skills

Today we learned about gun control and how to disarm someone with a weapon. There were a lot of mixed emotions I experienced when I was learning this. I think the most interesting part was how we had the opportunity to engage with each other and defend ourselves in case of an emergency. The most shocking part that surprised me was when David told us that under any circumstance we have to do whatever it takes to defend ourselves, even if we have to use the weapon and hurt the other person. When we were practicing our skill set outside, I felt a bit of discomfort performing it, because the reality is, it can actually happen. What would we do if we really had to defend ourselves? I noticed that a lot of other students that were on campus were observing us and some even joined in our class because they said that it is important for us to know these skills. I personally would like to have David come to our class more often because I think it is important for us to learn these survival skills. We never know when these situations can happen and I think it is important to defend ourselves under this situation. I would like to also learn more about how to use a gun. David mentioned that when we disarm a person with a gun and we have to shoot back, how do we do it? He mentioned that guns have locks. I would like to learn how to load a gun and how to unlock the gun. Also I would like to learn basic self defense techniques to protect ourselves. One last thing I would like to learn is CSULA’s protocols in case we are in the event of a threat. Where do we go? What do we do?

Christopher Aono, Student, Cal State Los Angeles

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