I would be excited to learn more

I learned about the amplification of gun fire in a hallway and how it can disorient bystanders with its concussive sound. Keeping my ears covered as the gun is fired will help me minimize the potential for disorientation. Additionally, I learned about the basic mechanism of a firearm and how little it differentiates among other types of firearms. It is critical to avoid being in the immediate path of a shooter and to make them turn their body to shoot, thereby making them inaccurate. I learned about the proper way to disarm a gunman wielding an assault rifle and how to break the assailant’s stance.

I was surprised about how difficult it was to disarm a gunman, especially the handgun even though the demonstration made it seem simple and straightforward. Practicing the disarming technique took me many attempts to understand the basics but it was pretty rewarding to successfully grab the gun and twist it. I was surprised at how difficult it was to use elbow strikes and how much it required my lower body strength to deliver an ideal blow.

I would like to learn techniques for left hand dominant people because I had a hard time with moves like the elbow strike because I am more capable with my left arm. I would like to learn other techniques that are geared towards disarming people with handguns. I would be excited to learn more striking moves when I am very close to the shooter and where exactly I should strike.

Anthony Martinez, Student, Cal State Los Angeles

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