I learned not to be scared

Gun violence in general is a very controversial topic which requires an immense level of research that may take many years to develop. I think that the regulations in the U.S compared to all other countries including the ones with a high level of violence are simply outrageous considering that we are not even at war compared to others. Therefore, I think that through this self-defense activity I learned not to be scared whenever the situation does come and to be alert at all times. In addition, through the different artificial weapon sources (rifle and handgun), I learned that there are different techniques of handling the situation and that one simple step can make a difference. I believe all the techniques have a level of difficulty but I think that with enough practice, it can be done and exceeded. I think I was really surprised when he showed us the hand techniques (sorry forgot the name) which was also demonstrated with Dr. Hoffman because even though the technique seemed fairly simple, the amount of defense especially from a knife, was tremendous. I would love to learn more about the different techniques that might apply to short people like me because I highly believe I am at disadvantage in that particular aspect. I am sure I would be able to still defend myself or others but I think it would be much harder for me to apply some techniques if I don’t practice or modify some of these due to my height.

Ana Aviles, Student Cal State Los Angeles

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