I learned how to push away a gun and how to disarm a dangerous individual

Today was a great class session. I learned a great amount on gun control. One of the things that I learned was the way a gun works, I had no idea that there was a specific way of holding a gun as well as the mechanics. I simply thought a gun was simply bullets and metal, I didn’t have an idea on the features and how to work one. For example when the instructor was mentioning how to use the riffle compared to the little hand gun. I also learned the different types of gun that are commonly used, I thought all were kinda the same and worked the same way. It gave me insight on if the situation arises like that and how to minimally use those types of guns. Although I don’t know much about guns I know they are very harmful and its good to be educated in certain circumstances. I’ve never had a session like this I’ve only seen videos like the video we saw in the previous class which instructed us to run. What surprised me was the fact that women are willing to point the trigger, while men are a bit negotiable. I was surprised, I thought it would be the opposite. I learned how to push away a gun and how to disarm a dangerous individual. I would also like to learn more on how to disarm a person that is at a higher stature than I am. I am a 5’2 individual so I’m small compared to many individuals and size and strength is my weakness. I would like to know how different ways on how to disarm a man because women cannot compare equally to a mans strength. I would also like to know how to safely handle a gun.

Cristina Luengas, Student Cal State Los Angeles

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