American Arnis Affiliate Schools and Clubs

Martial Artists from a variety of styles can learn and even teach the American Arnis Curriculum.

Your black belt ranking will be examined for parity against the American Arnis Curriculum in one of three categories.

  1. Hand to Hand
  2. Weapons
  3. Grappling.

Based on the examining board’s recommendations, supplemental training and testing will grant an American Arnis Equivalence Rank in one of these categories – essentially granting an AA Black Belt for your time served in your existing art.

Supplementary training in teaching methods will then be granted to the Affiliate to assure a standardized education in given regardless of whether the affiliate would rank as a club, or school.

Affiliate members then receive and are permitted to teach the American Arnis Curriculum up to the level of their American Arnis Rank. ie: a Jujitsu Black Belt (primarily a grappling art) could teach the grappling track of the American Arnis system would teach that track from white to black belt, however he would only teach hand to hand or weapons up to the rank he was trained qualified in under the American Arnis Curriculum.

Certified Instructor

Certified Affiliate holders receive special training in the Associations methods of teaching. They are expected to maintain a level of professionalism and decorum appropriate to honorably lead groups and express that leadership in other parts of their lives.

They also display a Certified Instructor patch as part of their uniform.

Certified instructors wear the split red and black belt. Display a white bar on the right hand side of their  belt along with a color pip for each division of the curriculum. Red- weapons, Blue- grappling and Gold- Hand to hand that they have completed to date. Upon completion of their full ranking, they will earn and display the standard American Arnis ranking.

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