Advanced Black Belt Ranks

March 16, 2018

Certified Instructor

Certified Black Belt Instructors receive special training in the Associations methods of teaching. They are expected to maintain a level of professionalism and decorum appropriate to honorably lead groups and express that leadership in other parts of their lives.

Certified instructors carry a white bar on the right-hand side of their black belt along with a color pip for each division of the curriculum.

  • Red- Weapons
  • Blue- Grappling
  • Gold- Hand to hand
  • White- Certified Instructor


Certified Black Belt with Pips

Each white pip on the left belt tail represents 3 years of continuous training and/or research. This might include mastering a weapon or skill developed by another black belt which has been added to the upper level curriculum. Think of it as a PHd in kicking ass. Alternatively, candidates research and develop a curriculum that will extend the available knowledge on combat skills, healing, strategy, personal safety, weapon making, weapon use or other areas that would be beneficial to future students.

Master Instructor Grade

Master Instructor Grade represents the completion of all curriculum levels and time served building the system. The red bordered black belt is currently worn by only the founders, Michael Replogle; Jeffrey Arnold feature a gold bar representing their elite status.  In the photo above, the belt of Master instructor David Riggs features a silver bar representing his 25th year as an American Arnis Instructor.


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